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Online Website Builder "good or bad"

Today, almost every business project, regardless of its orientation and scale, is inconceivable without the web-representation of a particular type. At least a simple page with the most general information and contacts for the project should be. At the same time, opportunities for the creation and support of sites is limited for many users. Therefore, has increased dramatically the number of services designed to solve this problem in recent years.

These services, which are called "site builder", offer very quickly create a website on their own and without any special skills. That is, using the built-in visual tool - constructor, which handle only a little more complicated than a normal text editor. Accordingly, the use of this tool is available to everyone.

Without a doubt, this is a very valuable opportunity, especially for those who would like to build a website, but does not have the appropriate personal skills, opportunities to involve in this case the expert. However, whether you can use the site builder to create just a business project? To answer this question, it is necessary to deal with the typical advantages and disadvantages of such services.

What can be attributed to their absolute advantages?

- Availability of free opportunities to create the site. Any website builder along with pay rate plans also offers a free.

- Fast and technical simplicity of creating the site.

- Availability of ready design templates. The user does not have to look for them, or create and embed their own. This proposed templates can be both paid and free.

What can be attributed to the disadvantages?

- The serious restrictions on the use of free rate plan. More often, free use of the constructor suggests the introduction of advertising on pages made with the help of the site or any functional limitations.

- Certain difficulties with the introduction of external codes and integration with third-party services - such as payment systems.

- Transfer the project to any other site, when it will grow, it will be very difficult.

As far as these services are suitable for the creation of a business project - it depends on its scope and content. For example, they are well suited for small projects that do not plan to develop especially in terms of content.

Example: a site offering a very small amount of products and services, it is assumed that their spectrum to grow over time there will be little. Moreover - for some of these projects are even websites constructors the best solution.

For those projects that are intended to be sufficiently large-scale and with a high potential for further development, the constructors of sites are not suitable.

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