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The level of service or how to get customers

Each of us probably encountered once in a lifetime with bad service, not execute the order in time, came first - served last, etc. We have the impression about the company and the desire to do not come again, in addition, the company lost a customers. Bad service is primarily related with the staff and professionalism, then goes conditions of place, location, and other things. Therefore, before launching a full-scale promotional company and to open the door, make sure that your staff is ready, place ready, because the first impression - reputation is the most important.

Today, many believe the level of service is very high quality competitive advantage, as human relations for most people is more important than functionality and convey any information through high-quality service is always easier and more efficient. High level of service can always increase the number of sales, attract new customers, it forms a positive attitude towards the company. According to a survey by the American Management Association, regular customers who buy from you again and again, because they like the service, providing an average of 65% of turnover.

One of the main problems is that managers are not willing to consider customer service as a marketing strategy. Many are inclined to regard it as a kind of after-sales services related to the executed transaction and not to future sales. But research shows that for many companies to improve the quality of service becomes a more effective tool to increase sales and profits than the marketing, promotion or advertising. Those companies that are on the way to improve their service, receive undoubted competitive advantage over those who are lagging behind in this. To improve the service we recommend:

1. Participation leadership, keeping promises.

This is the main premise for the success of programs to improve the level of service. Do not promise in such style, "We love you," "You are very important to us", better show your actions. All the words and actions of top managers shall comply with the promises and principles.

2. A sufficient funding for the service strategy and a noticeable improvement the quality of service.

Service is improved so that customers see it and as a consequence, considered that product quality is also improved.

3. Training and supervision of staff to follow your strategy.

The staff carefully trained how to implement a service strategy that meets the specific needs and requirements of your customers. It is important to carefully carry out the selection of staff who will follow and fulfill all as required.

4. Relationships inside the company.

In the retail department store decoration sales area and sellers need to help each other to introduce products and services in such a way as to ensure maximum satisfaction and customer loyalty. Manufacturing maintenance department and production department work closely together, striving for a common goal - to offer customers high-quality products and, as a result, gain their loyalty.

Since the high-quality service - it is an effective sales tool, it provides a sustainable competitive advantage. Often this is the only competitive advantage, which is a company operating in an industry where many companies offer essentially the same products or services.

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