Marketing strategy
How to increase sales of the hotel?

Why your hotel, should choose a potential guest, among the other nearest? Sales hotel mainly occur online through various sources. Only by creating complex program of promotion in various media channels, you can get the result that substantially increase the conversion of your website and increase the number of orders. The main objective is to determine the point of impact on potential guests. In this article we review the main sources through which you can increase your sales.

1. Website Development and SEO optimization

In the US and Europe sites hotels are second in the list of the most popular booking sources (statistics MMGY Global's 2013 Portrait of American Travelers) and provide an average of 30-40% of market sales. A more detailed analysis of your potential guests will help you understand what kind of content on the site will sell. Before to create a website, it is necessary to conduct a web analytics to create a more effective content and functionality.

2. Adaptive version of the site for mobile devices and tablets

46% of users of the global network are looking for materials for future travel and about the living conditions through their phones. Mobile Audience shows the highest booking results, it comes on the hotel's website for a specific purpose - to book. Necessary to create an adaptive website that displays on all devices. It is important to take into account the small details and do not give different content on different versions of the site. Content should be the same as the PC version, and others.

Sites even the smallest European and American hotels successfully "being taken away" customers from Global Services metasearch and the booking. For example, in the US 58% of respondents book their accommodation through the booking sites, and 45% - directly to the hotel website. Activate all methods of booking, including the opportunity to book from your site, as well as with social networks, now even through Facebook can make reservations at the hotel and get a discount for the repost.

3. Pay attention to each client, working with reviews

The formula of the relationship "a review - profit" in the world displayed a long time: an increase in the level of assessment on 1 point (for example, from 7.3 to 8.3) allows the hotel to increase its prices by more than 11% while maintaining the same load and market share. So you show that at each customer is really important, and you can give the answers to the bad reviews are not always angry customers leave truthful feedback, you can give a constructive response to other potential guests, who will read reviews about you when choosing a hotel understand that there is adequate and can trust the hotel.

4. Social Networks or customer trust

Social networks today - is the most powerful channel of communication with customers, advertising platform and the largest public places on the internet. There precisely is your potential customers - it remains only to find them.

The main purpose of social media - creating and maintaining people's loyalty to your hotel. Communication with customers must be continuous, two-way and occur when convenient to the customer. Therefore, social networking and travel portals today are the best environment for building harmonious relationships with customers and partners.

5. Channel management system

Now a lot of systems, which position themselves as an effective, but we believe effective are those who develop, who improves the service to be a trend even in the functional design and is doing everything for the customer, while the majority are now using the first design, once by 5 years.

The use of high-quality and efficient system of channel management. The main objective of such systems easier for you to hotel occupancy and show statistics of your visits and much more, so we recommend that you use "HotelRunner" of which we are partners. Ease of personnel available and understandable interface, reasonable price for the services. We can help FREE for setup and training of the system.

6. Create and distribute high-quality multimedia

Visualization - one of the most important elements of an effective marketing strategy of the hotel. Show room inside the terrace, the restaurant and its menu as you apply on the table, these details can help guests to choose your side, as one of the important criteria for the selection of the hotel restaurant and food available.

Distribution of high-quality multimedia content - one of the most difficult tasks for the hotelier. Working with a large number of sites for the exchange of photo and video data takes away from the hotel managers a lot of time and often do not bring the desired result. Entrust this work to professionals, do some basic tasks, because this work is really enough time selects.

7. Paid search

Search Engines - the most popular web resources, and we will help Internet users find your hotel. Location-based services, search photos and videos, and monitoring of the information environment and the blogosphere on the availability of information and reviews about the hotel - this and much more will help in the implementation of the marketing strategy.

Very high quality customized company will really get direct customers. Besides it works effectively if the user has expressed interest in your banner or contextual advertising when leaving and visit other similar sites where the system is installed banner and contextual advertising your hotel will appear again, as there was interest before.

8. Useful information for the traveler and coming events

Guests notification system about events and activities taking place in the region. It increases the loyalty of the guests can be a motive for travel and extension of stay.

Plan marketing program is made individually for each hotel. Money invested in the promotion of your site - this is what will work and after we execute a marketing plan. This is the capital that will always work to increase the number bookings at your hotel.

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