Brand identity
The importance of positioning through brand identity

Today we will talk with you about starting a new business and positioning through the production brand identity. The first impression, or how not to lose your customer. Brand identity - it's something that we see every day on the signs and shelves, on the streets and on television, everything with which we associate the brand, presenting image in your mind. Corporate identity - all the external attributes faced consumers or partners of the company, is the main distinctive feature, a unique "face" of the brand.

Building an effective brand identity - is to create an effective tool which will help to achieve representation of the brand in the creation of the target audience. Therefore, creating an effective brand identity always begins with the development of the brand ideology \ storytelling, as the work on the formation of the outer appearance of the brand can’t begin without the knowledge and understanding of the essence of the brand, its distinctive characteristics and values of the main promises of the consumer, the brand mission, and legends.

Brand identity includes a large number of items related to each other. One of the key elements - the brand logo. No logo is actually almost impossible to bring to market, as the company logo must be present everywhere: on your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, product packaging, promotional materials, etc.

Brand logo, as a rule, consists of a unique font solutions combined with an icon - a graphic representation of meaning, reflecting the essence of the brand ideology. The main task of the logo is simple - it's a relief recognition and brand recall. Consumers can forget the name, but the picture and the associated image will be a long time in their memory.

Logo is a link in the preparation of the corporate identity of the brand. Corporate identity is a unified design system, color combinations and images for all forms and methods of brand communication: advertising, business documents, Office design, product packaging, etc. For example, if a video is created without taking into account the corporate identity, the consumer does not associate advertising with the product that he sees in the store, so the effect of such advertising will be null.

Packaging design and materials are an important element in the brand identity system. This is the main carrier of the brand symbols - logo. In addition, the packaging - the main method of separating the brand from the competition.

The role of brand identity in retail is particularly important, which is why design of the outlet - this is usually one of the most difficult tasks in the development of brand identity system. Design point of sale should not only be a reflection of brand positioning, means of communication with the consumer, but also have a number of additional features that contribute to the purchase by the consumer. Shop, restaurant or any other business of its interior and exterior design, organization of retail space, the promo - the form of personnel, all these components should work in a complex and contribute to the fulfillment of the sale.

The final stage of the development of brand identity is to create a brand-book. High-quality brand-book - a necessary thing for the company, which plans to create a strong brand. In simple words, the brand book - a detailed step by step instructions on the application in practice of all the developed elements of brand identity. Primarily created to facilitate the work of employees of the company, in addition brand-book should be required reading for contractors working with the brand: advertising agencies, publishing houses, etc.

Identity of the brand may not change over the decades, but if you are going changes in the company, creation or update product is necessary to re-brand. The modern world is developing very quickly, and therefore, with the same speed and all out of date, so you need to adjust in time for a successful business. Whatever, the famous was your brand, sooner or later it will have to be updated.

To re-brand - which means to make the brand relevant and interesting, make it fresh emotions and ideas. Normally, the complete disappearance of the old brand does not happen, retained elements of recognition, but there are times when it is required the creation of a completely new brand.

An example of re-branding "APPLE":

An example of re-branding "GOOGLE":

An example of re-branding "MICROSOFT - WINDOWS":

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